this ain't your grandpappy's rodeo!

Knox Dunn has been around bulls since he was a kid and he knew he was going to rodeo, he just didn’t know what kind at first. After spending his early life in Montgomery, Alabama, he moved permanently to Zachary, Louisiana where his grandparents had a farm. There they raised bucking and fighting bulls. “When we were little we spent every free weekend we could in Louisiana.” His family was involved in rodeos, his brother started to ride bulls at 15, and after a couple of years watching him, he decided to give it a shot himself. It didn’t go as you’d expect. “I got on one bull and I didn’t like it. It wasn’t my cup of tea.” Knox said of his first go around. After deciding riding wasn’t for him, he gave bullfighting a shot and it went on from there. Knox is a protector for the bull riders, as well as a freestyle bullfighter. As many in this profession do, Knox has a mentor of sorts, and his was the late bullfighter, Rex Dunn. No, they aren’t related, but Knox has watched videos of him since he was a kid, and that’s who he’s wanted to emulate in this career.

Knox is just 20 years old, but he’s been with BBB for roughly two years. After being around the rodeo circuit a bit, a buddy of his, the late Bryant “Peanut” Pierce gave him a call and asked if he could come to Alexandria, Louisiana for a show. Bulls, Bands & Barrels needed a bull fighter to fill in and Knox decided to give it a shot. “Peanut called, I went and they wanted me to come back, so I kept going.” If you ask him about working with BBB, he doesn’t beat around the bush.

“I love it. They treat us well, make sure we’re taken care of and it’s always fun. They’re just nice people.”

Knox Dunn

Isn’t that what we all want in a job? 

If you ask Knox about his all time favorite BBB show, it was in Alexandria, Louisiana as well. “Wayne Toups played, and I really like him. There were so many people there, people I knew too and it was just a great time.” Knox’s favorite part of the BBB shows is the ‘short-round’, the last six bull riders of the night, right before the concert starts, when he feels the energy is rising. “It’s wrapping everything up, so those last six at the end are the best part with all that energy.” February 2020 took Knox to Lexington, where he fell in love with the facility in particular. “The arena was great, a friend that I knew told us to go by the arena just to look at it because it’s so nice, not knowing that’s where the show was. It’s awesome.” 

Every weekend from January to late March, Knox has a place to be, places all over the South. Intense, busy energy that comes with bullfighting and the rodeo life is one thing, but the slowness of hanging out with buddies and riding around and listening to music are more of Knox’s favorite pastimes. Family is a great support system, according to Knox. “My dad helps keep me in line, makes sure I’m working for the right people and mom, if I get hurt is right there to make sure I’m not dying.” When you live your life on the road, constantly going and doing, spending downtime with your friends and family is a nice change of pace. 

If you want to see Knox in action, his next show with the Bulls, Bands, & Barrels Tour will be in Gonzales, LA on March 14, 2020 and he’s pumped to get to perform in front of his hometown crowd. The Bulls, Bands & Barrels Tour has something for everyone: from barrel racing and bull riding, to the bullfights and concert, your entertainment is guaranteed!