this ain't your grandpappy's rodeo!

animal welfare

At Bulls, Bands & Barrels, all animal athletes are treated with as much respect as, if not more than, the human athletes who ride them. BBB’s Animal Welfare Policy exemplifies the great regard in which everyone associated with the organization holds these athletes, as well as explains the care they receive as professional athletes.

What makes a bull buck? There is a misconception in the sport of bull riding that a rope is tied around the bull’s testicles. That is not true at all. The art of bucking is bred into them from a long line of bucking bull genetics. Just as a race horse runs, bucking bulls are bred to buck. Furthermore, BBB has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to the use of electronic stimulation devices to make the bulls buck.  

Just like a human athlete, our animal athletes require a high protein diet to maintain muscle strength and overall wellness. A bucking bull can weigh anywhere from 1,200 to 2,000 pounds. On average, bulls receive about 10-15 pounds of a special blend of high-protein grain and approximately 15 pounds of high-quality hay per day. The blend varies depending on the bull’s needs and the stock contractor.

Bulls, Bands & Barrels is fully committed to ensuring the health, safety, welfare, and respect of each animal athlete that enters a BBB event. The care and treatment of all animal athletes is a top priority to those who govern and/or participate in BBB events. We operate under a no tolerance policy for any mistreatment of an animal associated with the BBB.